Post 141 Leadership

1st Vice Commander:
2nd Vice Commander:
Finance Officer:
Member Representative:
Sgt at Arms:
Service Officer:
David Barlow
Preston McKinney
Heinz Kokemueller
Dr William Burns
Wendell Burnette
Jim Schepers
Mike Gifford
Richard Mick
Ed McCullough
Jim Sandman

Officer Duties:

Commander – Teaches and protects the cardinal principals the American Legion throughout the post. Supervision of the duties of all officers. Presiding Officer at all meetings.

Adjutant – Same relative position as secretary and a little more – serves as “first Sergeant”
The personnel officer, contact with individuals, maintains membership records, minutes and assists other officers and committees

First Vice Commander – Fills in for Commander on a moment’s notice. Membership is the primary concern. The who, what, when, where of membership. Addresses how to attract, reinstate, and recognize members.

Second Vice Commander – The morale builder & one who builds the “I like my Post because” atmosphere. Provides programs to spice up the meeting & attract attendance. Works the social calendar. Contacts other veteran and civic groups so each patriotic holiday receives the attention it deserves. Also concerned with welfare of veterans.

Finance Officer – Person of proven integrity and experience in financial affairs. In charge of receiving and disbursing Post funds. The Adjutant, in matters of finance, carries on the work in correlation with the Finance Officer.

Service Officer – Provides fundamental unselfish work for the benefit of members and War vets in need of service. Looks after the welfare of all concerned. Responsible for bringing to the attention of all vets the rights and benefits granted by law. Knowing how to utilize expert services available through the Legion and agencies in the community. Assuring contact with our Vets.

Chaplain – A person capable of moral and intellectual leadership. Leads many of the activities of ceremonies and meeting.

Sergeant-At-Arms – The sentinel, tiler, outer guard of the post. Most importantly guarding our deep and abiding spirit of comradeship. Arranges the meeting hall, flag etiquette. Making sure everyone is welcomed and included as part of the group.

Historian – Responsible for preserving and compiling the records of the Post Keeps in touch with Dep Historian, produces an annual report,

Member Representative – A unique office dedicated to care of the members, assuring individual attention, working for increased membership.


Americanism – Inspire patriotism and good citizenship with observances, patriotic and civil instruction, Oratorical Contests, etc.

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation – Assist in obtaining hospitalization, perusing claims, visit comrades who are sick, comfort families.

Membership and Post Activities – Obtain retain and increase membership

Public Relations – Increase awareness among veterans and the community at large of the AM Leg’s advocacy of Vets issues, Americanism and get publicity for the good work and values of this post